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Meet Our Latest Power Supply Board

Every machines include a power supply board that is the heart of the system. PESS made 144watt (4x36watt) push-pull or flyback SMPS boards offers secure working in all power electronic systems like Rectifier, inverter, UPS, any powered machine. It can be used with 32-80Vdc/75-160Vdc/150-320Vdc/260-500Vdc input and (24Vdc-1.5A) isolated 4x output.


IEC60146-1-1 and Functional Tests are Applied Successfully

We are happy to announce that we got acredited type test report of PESS Industrial Battery Charger Family. IEC60146-1-1 and Functional Tets are applied successfully.


Meet with Our Latest Industrial Battery Charger

We would like introduce PESS made 380Vac input, 110v-60A DC output, 6 pulse Thyristor Controlled, Industrial Battery Charger.